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Killer // 27 // Female

About Me

[F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo___________________________

Hi there my name is Killer. I'm a 3D artist, animator and video game designer. I've been an artist for about 7 years now.

Things I like
004. by kittoko aes. stamp 60 by demoniics - Stamp: Missing an eyeball. - by ChicaTH 24 by mini-buns 21 by mini-buns Glowing Korean stamp by catstam

[F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo

Commission Info

~ Commission Info ~ by miz-inthesky

Full Body $50


Half Body $25


Head Shot $15


Send me a Note if you're interested in a commission.

3D Art Commissions
Commission Info

Full Body $50
Half Body $25
Head Shot $15
I ONLY accept pay pal
and I do accept flexibel payment options

What I will do-
Fan art
Dark Fantasy
Partial Nudity
What I wont do-
Full body nudity
Send me a Note if you'r interested in a commission .

[F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo

My Closed Species

[F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo
Nyxii's are a race of Humanoid aliens that reside on the planet NoxNovis in the galaxy of Phantasma. Their galaxy lies near the end of the universe. So they don't get to many visitors. since NoxNovis is a rogue planet it orbits no sun and has no moon. Because of this the planet has very little light or warmth. The conditions on the planet are not very suitable for life. However the Nyxii's are a resourceful species with high intellect and they have managed to survive in these conditions for almost a 1000 years. They are a peaceful civilization however if provoked they can become a formidable enemy


Nyxii Male ~Open Adopt~ by miz-inthesky
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:iconnoxnovis: Nyxii Fan Stamp by miz-inthesky
[F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo

Mandra Doll ~Closed Species~ by miz-inthesky

Mandrake Doll

MandraDolls are demons that are summoned from the underworld by powerful sorcerers and enter a pact with the one who called upon them. In order for the sorcerer to utilize the demons power it must be grated a vessel. By placing the demon inside of a doll, the demon can then assist the sorcerer in many magikal rituals in exchange for their soul. But beware demons are tricky things and can escape their binds to reek havoc in the mortal realm.


MandraDoll {Melanie Martinez Style} OPEN ADOPT by miz-inthesky
MandraDoll {Epic Galaxy Aesthetic} OPEN ADOPT by miz-inthesky

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[F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo [F2U] Candles by Ghost-Echo


My Latest Creations

Featured Character


Contest and Raffel

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 30, 2017, 6:00 AM

I would like to announce my first ever contest and Raffle

To enter all you need to do is draw my Nyxii Nexus
Nyxii's are a closed species by me

Nyxii's ~Closed Species~ by miz-intheskyNexus~The Oracle of Death~ by miz-inthesky


1.The image must be a new deviation
2. any type of art is accepted
3. No more than 3 entries per person
4. people who donate prizes can also join in

November 30th


1st place

One floating animation commission by me

One half-body commission by me

One custom Adopt by me

and One unlimited MYO of One my CS.

:iconnoxnovis: :iconmandradolls:

2nd Place

One Half-body commission by me

One Custom Adopt by me

3rd Place

One head shot commission by me

Examples of my artwork

Nexus ~Floating Animation~ by miz-inthesky   ~DollHouse~ by miz-inthesky  ~Arabella~ by miz-inthesky  ~Crystal Faun~ by miz-inthesky


To enter the Raffel all you need to do is make a journal or Poll advertising this journal.

1. One entry per person
2. If you are entering the contest you can also enter the raffle as well.
3. winners will be chosen at random


1st prize
One Legendary/Epic MYO slot for both my CS

One Rare MYO slot for one of my CS

One Uncommon MYO slot for one of my CS

:iconnoxnovis: :iconmandradolls:

Skin by: :iconproxyism: Edit and images by :iconmiz-inthesky:

Mandra Doll ~MYO~

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 23, 2017, 1:07 PM
Mandra dolls ~Free MYO Event~ by miz-inthesky

I'm currently holding a free MYO event for my closed species Mandra Dolls

Skin by: :iconproxyism: Edit and images by :iconmiz-inthesky:


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom

I'm a 3D artist and game designer.
I love art and creativity.
If you like my art please support me thanks.



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Nexus was walking through the winding underground tunnels of the Hive to the garden district, to where she had planned to meet her sister Nova, well half sister she corrected her self. The reason for her visit had been because today she had gotten some important news and she felt like she needed to share it with someone else. Nexus had no friends and was not close to any other members of her family since most of them lived off world. When she arrived and saw Nova sitting on the edge of a fountain a moment of doubt clouded her mind and she wondered if she could really go through with this. Before she could finish that train of thought, Nova had noticed her and was making her way to her.

Nova towered over Nexus she was an impressive 6 foot 8 and had an extra mouth in her chest that had a sharp toothy grin but Nexus had never felt intimidated by her like the rest of the Nyxii's did.

"Are you okay sis? you kind of look out of it." Nova said and waved one of her four hands in front of her face.

"Yes, I'm quite alright." Nexus said in her usual flat tone of voice.

"Okay, so what did you want to talk about? you kind of sounded worried on the coms" She said rather concerned.

Nexus cleared her throat nervously

"Today I received word from the High Priest the votes from the Electors and Electress's have been counted and I won by a landslide, I will become the next Oracle."

"Wow, that's wonderful news this is what you have always wanted. I'm so happy for you." Nova threw her arms around her and enveloped her in a hug.

"Thank you, but you know what this means, I cannot be friends with you anymore."

"I do know that sis, but I would never stand in the way of your dreams, besides it's not like we won't be able to see each other."

Ever since Nexus was chosen at a young age to become an acolyte she knew she had to put others before herself so she wasn't allowed to be selfish and want anything for her self, so she isolated her self from others to protect her self from the pain of having to say goodbye to a loved one. But somehow Nova had slipt past her defenses and situated her self as Nexus's only friend. Even though she had mentally prepared her self for it, it still took her off guard how much saying goodbye would hurt. Nexus was so lost in her own thoughts she hadn't even realized she had been crying the whole time.

"Don't cry or you're going to make me cry, you're supposed to be the strong one here" Nova said rather tearfully.

"I apologize." Nexus said and wiped away her tears.

"Don't worry about it. So are you going to tell Mom and dad?" Nova asked trying to change the subject. It was just as strange to her to see her cry as it was to nexus.

"No they will find out soon enough when the date for my inauguration will be announced to the public." Nexus explained

"Well this is a happy occasion so why don't we celebrate it with a feast at my restaurant" Nova cheerfully said.

"Very well then" Nexus replied.

Since becoming the Oracle she has cut all ties to her sister Nova, except sometimes she eats at Nova's restaurant never engaging in anymore that polite conversion.

"Thank you, the food was delicious my compliments to the chef." She would say

"Well thank you and have a nice evening, come back soon." Nova would reply.


A short drabble about my two Nyxii's Nexus and Nova.

This probably wont make much sense if you haven't read the lore on the species.

Nyxii's are a closed species by me
~The Battle Maiden~
Name: Hilda Meinir
Name Meaning: Battle Maiden
Age: 352
Sex: Female
Species: Lockette
Occupation: Bounty Hunter/ Mercenary / Resident badass for hire.
Home: HeartLands

Weapon: Spiked Bat
Fighting Style: Uses her own version of Krav Maga


She is brutish and can be somewhat quick to anger, she has very little social skills and refrains from talking at length with anyone, but despite her somewhat intimidating appearance, she is actually a rather kind person and will fight fiercely to defend the innocent.


Hilda is an older Lockette, that formed over 300 years ago. She trained hard every day to hone her fighting skills, so she could protect herself and those she cared about. Years later it was revealed that humans had been storing saura in containers preventing lockette's from forming. This is what triggered a long a terrible war between humans and Lockette's known as the last war. During which Hilda witnessed many atrocities committed by both sides. She fought for her and every other Lockette's right to exist in the human world. She also helped with the relief effort going into dangerous area's to give supplies to both Lockette's and human civilians. During one of these runs, she encountered a human village that was on fire. Dead bodies of all ages littered the street. There in the center of the destruction was a Lockette that had gone berserk, standing over the body of a child with the severed head in her hand. Enraged Hilda fought against the Lockette it was a fierce battle, her opponent smashed their weapon against her so hard that her left forearm shattered into pieces losing her hand. But in the end, she triumphs over the Lockette smashing her opponents head into a grizzly sight to behold.
After the war ended she worked as a teacher at Kagiana Academy training Lockette's how to fight and how to interact with humans, in the hopes of improving Human-Lockette relationships. As relations improved she left the academy and traveled the world, occasionally selling her combat services so she could support her self, while she volunteered to help out humans and Lockette's in need. 


One pair of ears {Common}
Skull charm {Uncommon}
Long Tail {Rare}
Studded collar {Uncommon}
2 Key holes one on chest second one on back {Uncommon}
One weapon {Common}
Spiked Bat {Common ?}
Missing Limbs {Mythic}
Pentagrame KeyHoles {Mutation}
Spikes {Mutation}

I was finally able to get a Lockette this is my baby Hilda

Lockette's are a closed species by :iconkawaii-antagonist:


Approved by :iconkawaii-antagonist:


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